The Gym

NIX Health & Fitness gym is a specialist facility for Strength & Conditioning with a range of high quality equipment within a social environment. Resistance training is a fundamental method of training which allows for increases in strength, muscle mass and muscular endurance.

The gym is divided into specific rooms to provide a suitable facility layout featuring a range of equipment in each.

Room 1

Nix gym - Room 1
  • Hyper Extension
  • Glute/Ham
  • Adjustable Ab Bench
  • Multi Hip
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • 45 Degree Leg Press
  • 45 Degree Hack Squat
  • Flat Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Adjustable Decline Bench Press
  • Safety Support Flat Bench Press
  • Seated Military Press
  • Adjustable Lying Leg Curl/Seated Leg Extension
  • 2 x Lat Pulldown/Seated Row’s
  • 3 x Height Adjustable Cable Columns
  • Cable Crossover
  • Kieser Functional Trainer
  • Preacher Curl
  • 7 x Adjustable Benches
  • Dumbbells (1-60kg)

Room 2

Room 2 - Nix Gym
  • Olympic Power Cage with platform
  • 2 x Olympic Half Rack with platform
  • Functional X Cube (Chin/Dip, TRX, Olympic Rings, T bar Row, Battling Ropes)
  • Built in Olympic/Powerlifting flooring
  • Punch Bag
  • Selection of Lifting Bars and Bumper Plates