Personal Training

Personal Training can help you to become stronger, fitter and healthier to work towards your goals. If you’re looking for fat loss, increased strength or training for an event and want to improve performance or physique, NIX Personal Trainers will push you towards achieving your aims.

Our Personal Trainers will use their expertise to design a training and lifestyle programme to suit your goals. All Personal Trainers are highly qualified and have experience through practicing what they preach with their own passion for training.

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Ian Knight - NE1 Personal Training

With consistency and perseverance anything is possible. 

My passion for keeping fit and the gym started at the age of 16. I put my own program together by learning and researching different methods and the latest trends. I was in the gym 6 times a week and have completely improved my body structure. Exercise is addictive and I realised I wanted to make personal training my career and help others achieve their goals.  

I started my qualifications with my level 2 gym instructor certificate then advanced with the N.A.S.M Level 3 personal trainer certificate. I am now moving on to complete my performance enhancement certificate. Diet and nutrition is a vital part of the body function, as results are increased with the right diet, so I also gained my advanced level 5 nutrition qualification with the Medical Science Academy.   

NE1 Personal Training applies innovative functional programs and progress reports that are uniquely devised to suit each person’s potential and enhance wellbeing while making fitness enjoyable, achievable and a reality.

“Although I’m not a very big person, I was unfit and not happy with my body weight. Having Ian as my personal trainer he tailored an individual training plan which we discussed and worked on together until we were both satisfied. Ian also put together a diet plan to fit in with my busy lifestyle, and I even had treats! (it’s not just lettuce). I lost 1 ½ stone and dropped a dress size loosing inches of my waist, arms and legs. This was achievable in just under 2 months. Even when I wanted to quit, Ian was always there to push me and make sure I carried on to reach my goal by making sure I was happy with my meals and supporting me through my workouts. If I ever needed his advise/help he was always a phone call/ email away which is exactly what I needed. Without Ian I would never have achieved what I wanted.”
“I was scared about going in the gym as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises because of my size. I saw Ian’s advert and spoke to him, when he reassured me I would be fine and that he would make a program that I would be happy with. Sure enough Ian put together a program and a diet that suited me. When we measured my size I had a 41inch waist and weighed 12 ½ stone and with Ian’s enthusiasm and dedication I am down to 28ich waist and weigh 9 stone. I am so glad I contacted Ian, he was approachable and he was able to put me at ease.”
“My diet was shockingly bad, I had issues with sugar! I would eat silly amounts of sugary food, whatever gave me that sugar rush. After being advised by a doctor to change my diet, I got in touch with Ian through a mutual friend. I need my diet changing and I didn’t know where to start. Ian devised a diet plan that allowed me to slowly cut down on sugar. His methods allowed me to still enjoy my foods even though they weren’t full of rubbish. He would email me every week with a new plan with all kinds of recipes for every meal time with the food I like. The meals he advised were easy to make as I’m not the best cook! They were full of nutrients and suited my busy life as I never thought I had the time to make healthy meals. Ian gave me the motivation I needed to continue with the plan and reduce sugar, I now feel healthy. I felt he was very knowledgeable and good at his job. I definitely recommend Ian. ”