NIX Gym Leicester

Looking for a friendly and affordable gym in Leicestershire, then look no further than NIX Gym.

Opened in 2011 originally as a strength training gym, NIX has expanded not only in size, but in its vast range of top quality equipment. NIX prides itself on catering to all no matter what gender or fitness level.

Whether you need a gym to train for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness, Conditioning or simply wanting to be toned, then we have got you covered. We invest in only the best equipment to help you smash your training goals. With the gym layout split into Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio and Rig rooms you have the space to train for anything.

Our sister gym XINX locate opposite, provides daily classes including; fitness, strength, spin and yoga.

Bodybuilding Gym


Fully stacked gym with the bodybuilding equipment to get you an amazing physique.

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Weightlifting Gym


All the weightlifting bars, plates and racks you'll need. Get strong in our weightlifting facility.

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Cardio Gym


Get fit in our dedicated cardio room. Equipment includes; bikes, rowers, SkiErgs, ellipticals, treadmills and more.

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Functional Fitness Box

Functional Fitness

A leading functional fitness gym in Leicester with dedicated rig room and all the best kit.

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Strongman Gym


A range of Strongman equipment. Yoke, Log, Sled, Sandbags and selection of Stones.

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Award Winning Gym in Leicestershire
00:45 18 Feb 24
The equipment is excellent would love some pictures on equipment to see what area of the body the equipment is used for plus music is well to loud and some television would be amazing solid 7/10 lovely staff please hope could stay open to 12 so could use more often
Julie HarveyJulie Harvey
21:36 16 Feb 24
Kamal PatelKamal Patel
12:46 14 Feb 24
I have been using this gym nd XNIX since the start of January 2024. The morning classes are so tough but so amazing. They have a great team of trainers who are passionate about what they do.
Nice big gym with great equipment and friendly staff and members!
captin- cockwashcaptin- cockwash
23:00 28 Jan 24
Jamie McLoughlinJamie McLoughlin
10:35 26 Jan 24
A visit to NIX Gym is always a friendly and enjoyable experience due to the professional Staff, Trainers and other gym users. As someone not confident in the gym, this is a great support, and the reason I have been a member for many years now.Gym equipment and free weights are plentiful, meaning that I never have to wait. Changing rooms are clean and the showers are hot, so no complaints from me.Keep up the good work.
D SinghD Singh
11:22 25 Jan 24
I have been to most of the gyms in Leicester but I couldn't stay in one place for long. They were either too crowded or did not have the equipment to do different types of workouts. At Nix's gym it has been a blessing for me and my partner. We have been consistently attending for the last 2 years and it has everything that a gym goer would need. We have moved home to a different city since joining the gym but we still travel almost 3-4 times per week to do our workout there. The best thing is that it has such an amazing family feel to it. The staff are lovely and always there to help. Nick is always around to take suggestions and is always looking to improve the gym experience in every possible way. Can't see going anywhere else. Thank you Nick and Nix Team for creating such an amazing environment in and around the gym.Dal and Karam :)
David HarleyDavid Harley
19:46 23 Jan 24
Really good gym. I’ve been coming here for a while.. it’s friendly, got good equipment which gets regularly upgraded and the staff are great.
joanne cookjoanne cook
19:00 23 Jan 24
Having been a full member of both Nix and Xinx gym for the past year, I have found the staff and environment to be incredibly friendly, supportive and encouraging, which is imperative when starting a fitness journey! There is no intimidation or judgement when you walk through their doors, just a big smile and friendly face to welcome you each day! Something that is sometimes lacking in other mainstream/functional fitness/affiliated CrossFit gyms!! Whether you are partaking in a functional fitness class or using their well equipped open gym, there’s always someone experienced and knowledgeable to assist you with anything you need, as well as a good motivational shout to get that extra rep in!
18:15 23 Jan 24
I've been a member of Nix gym for almost 4 years now.I love working out there, everyone is super friendly & nothing is to much trouble for the staff.
James PassinghamJames Passingham
18:14 23 Jan 24
Excellent gym with lots of good quality equipment.Staff are always welcoming and friendlyWould definitely recommend!
Hayley SpurrHayley Spurr
18:05 23 Jan 24
Nix gym is the best type of gym to go to for all abilities. Firstly, the equipment there is incredible, varied and suitable for many different training styles. Secondly, the people are great! As a female in the gym, most commercial gyms can feel like meat markets but this is where really Nix stands out-everyone in there simply cares about the gym:male and female alike so I never feel like I’m being watched/judged. Members and staff are all approachable and friendly. Highly recommend
Anna BrocklehurstAnna Brocklehurst
16:48 23 Jan 24
Amazing gym. Everything you could need from cardio to strong man - great atmosphere but never too busy you can’t get on stuff - addded bonus of a great coffee machine!
Sean SquiresSean Squires
18:09 20 Jan 24
Great gym with good facilities and very friendly staff.
Camilla JacksonCamilla Jackson
13:01 20 Jan 24
Matt KingMatt King
10:55 20 Jan 24
The gym is way bigger than you think. Loads of equipment, different rooms for different types of working out. It’s a really good gym and they keep on improving it and the equipment.
Matt EllisMatt Ellis
21:59 19 Jan 24
Zoe CrowsonZoe Crowson
15:29 19 Jan 24
Amazing gym, so much equipment to use and everyone is so friendly, helping you when you're unsure about some of the machines. I spend a lot of time in the gym now and I love it!
Brian TaylorBrian Taylor
13:19 19 Jan 24
a great gym with excellent staff, plenty of quality equipment to support whatever exercises i am doing
Martin LordMartin Lord
12:22 19 Jan 24
Good gym & friendly staff
Thomas HoyThomas Hoy
11:43 19 Jan 24
I’ve been a member of NIX for nearly 3 years now and it’s a class place, great community and vibe. Range of training equipment for different goals, functional, traditional and power lifting. Couldn’t recommend this place enough 🙌
Jon PlestedJon Plested
11:21 19 Jan 24
David PayneDavid Payne
12:00 17 Jan 24
Excellent place to workout.Staff are friendly and helpful.I am really enjoying gym membership for the first time.I would strongly recommend Nix Gym.
Graeme McLayGraeme McLay
21:04 19 Dec 23
Helpful enthusiastic staff. Quality equipment.
Jaylon WingfieldJaylon Wingfield
14:43 10 Nov 23
Brilliant gym, good equipment and friendly atmosphere
Mark PalmerMark Palmer
17:55 21 Sep 23
Amazing gym great staff made so much progress in six months, feel stronger,energy levels through the roof,had the pleasure of having joe as personal trainer. He was available 24 /7 recommend him and the staff 😀
Sam MitchellSam Mitchell
12:34 23 Aug 23
Toby BoivinToby Boivin
12:47 18 Aug 23
Trisha PancholiTrisha Pancholi
09:43 13 Aug 23
Great fast paced work out with knowledgeable trainers!
Gareth RobertsGareth Roberts
20:15 22 May 23
The best gym I’ve ever trained at. It has an amazing community, the staff are fantastic and the kit is some of the best you can buy. I’ve been training at Nix for over 5 years and can’t image going anywhere else.
Charlie WilfordCharlie Wilford
14:46 03 May 23
Stuart WinklessStuart Winkless
18:28 25 Apr 23
Rajan SavaniRajan Savani
23:08 11 Mar 23
Great little gym. However, it's advisable to go during the off peak times to ensure that you have access to certain limited equipment.
Nimesh ChinnaNimesh Chinna
08:15 13 Jan 23
Started using the gym after moving house, friendly staff who are knowledgable and available. I tried my first crossfit class and was really impressed with the instructor Joe. He made me feel comfortable and explained the exercises in a way that would allow me to understand. He motivated me throughout the session and gave me some 121 advice afterwards. I will definitely be attending another of his classes. Nimesh
Keith GarnerKeith Garner
20:04 24 Oct 22
The best Gym that I’ve been to by far. Fantastic equipment that caters for the body builder, strong man and CrossFit. The PTs and clients are very welcoming and helpful. Classes that Nix gym provides are brilliant that will cater for the beginner and the seasoned athlete. Check the place out 👍🏽👊🏽💪🏽
Nazia KhanNazia Khan
20:34 11 Oct 22
Excellent Gym, friendly staff, got everything you need! Brilliant equipment, would highly recommend. Thank you Nix Gym really enjoying my work outs! They are on insta too so go follow them!

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