NIX Gym Leicester

Looking for a friendly and affordable gym in Leicestershire, then look no further than NIX Gym.

Opened in 2011 originally as a strength training gym, NIX has expanded not only in size, but in its vast range of top quality equipment. NIX prides itself on catering to all no matter what gender or fitness level.

Whether you need a gym to train for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness, Conditioning or simply wanting to be toned, then we have got you covered. We invest in only the best equipment to help you smash your training goals. With the gym layout split into Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio and Rig rooms you have the space to train for anything.

Our sister gym XINX locate opposite, provides daily classes including; fitness, strength, spin and yoga.

Bodybuilding Gym


Fully stacked gym with the bodybuilding equipment to get you an amazing physique.

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Weightlifting Gym


All the weightlifting bars, plates and racks you'll need. Get strong in our weightlifting facility.

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Cardio Gym


Get fit in our dedicated cardio room. Equipment includes; bikes, rowers, SkiErgs, ellipticals, treadmills and more.

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Functional Fitness Box

Functional Fitness

A leading functional fitness gym in Leicester with dedicated rig room and all the best kit.

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Strongman Gym


A range of Strongman equipment. Yoke, Log, Sled, Sandbags and selection of Stones.

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Award Winning Gym in Leicestershire
Gareth RobertsGareth Roberts
20:15 22 May 23
The best gym I’ve ever trained at. It has an amazing community, the staff are fantastic and the kit is some of the best you can buy. I’ve been training at Nix for over 5 years and can’t image going anywhere else.
Leigh BlandLeigh Bland
11:30 18 Apr 23
The worst gym ive trained at, no respect for people with disabilities, even the owner uses the disabled parking spaces, multiple health and safety issues including lifesaving equipmemt (dfib) blocked with a table and chair, the place is filthy and equipment is not maintained properly or cared for. They also like to keep your credit card details on file to make un authorised payments
Rajan SavaniRajan Savani
23:08 11 Mar 23
Great little gym. However, it's advisable to go during the off peak times to ensure that you have access to certain limited equipment.
Nimesh ChinnaNimesh Chinna
08:15 13 Jan 23
Started using the gym after moving house, friendly staff who are knowledgable and available. I tried my first crossfit class and was really impressed with the instructor Joe. He made me feel comfortable and explained the exercises in a way that would allow me to understand. He motivated me throughout the session and gave me some 121 advice afterwards. I will definitely be attending another of his classes. Nimesh
Keith GarnerKeith Garner
20:04 24 Oct 22
Brilliant Gym that caters for any client weather your into bodybuilding, strong man, or functional training. Very good equipment. And a very friendly environment, where people are there to help
Nazia KhanNazia Khan
20:34 11 Oct 22
Excellent Gym, friendly staff, got everything you need! Brilliant equipment, would highly recommend. Thank you Nix Gym really enjoying my work outs! They are on insta too so go follow them!
Bodybuilding Weightlifting Cardio Functional Strongman