Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your use of the NIX website (www.nixhealthfitness.com) and the purchase of Good and Services from us. When we are referring to NIX “we” “us” and “our” will be used. NIX facilities will be referred to as the Gym in this document. When we refer to “you” and “your” we mean the user of this website, purchaser of goods and services or clients of our services.

All clients must comply by these gym rules at all times. Refusal or continual non-compliance with these Rules may result in the Gym user being ejected from the premises and termination of Membership if applicable.

NIX reserves the right to make changes to the Gym Rules from time to time, and any changes will be effective immediately.


All users must be 18 years or older or 16 with written consent of a parent/legal guardian.


The client confirms in participating in XINX fitness class that they are in good physical condition and know of no reason why an exercise program would be detrimental to their health and have not been advised by a physician to avoid physical activity.  If there are any changes to the client’s condition the class instructor must be made aware and a new health and safety questionnaire must be completed by the client.


In using the gym and XINX facilitates the client agrees that:

Neither the gym, the company, or the employees of NIX shall be liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal property belonging to the client upon the premises.

NIX lockers are for day use only. NIX reserves the right to open and remove items from the locker if left overnight. Any items left in lockers overnight will be placed in lost and found.

Any property found left unattended in the gym will be kept for a reasonable period, and then may be donated to charity.


All gym users are expected to wear suitable attire at all times while using the Gym facilities.

All gym users should use suitable measures to maintain basic standards of hygiene, such as using deodorant, showering if needed, and wearing clean gym attire whilst training.


All clients must conduct themselves in a respectful manner whilst using gym facilities. Any gym user who acts in an intimidating, abusive, violent or disrespectful manner may be ejected from the gym, and Members may have their Membership terminated with no refund of fees already paid.

Any clients who are unsure of how to use a piece of equipment should seek instruction before doing so.

NIX will not take any responsibility where a gym user sustains injury from incorrect use of equipment. If any equipment is found to be faulty or malfunctioning, please report this to XINX staff immediately.


If any gym user has concerns in relation to health and safety, they must report the issue to NIX staff immediately.

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